Corn silage is a nutritious and cost-effective feedstock that has been widely used in the dairy and livestock industry. As a leader in the agricultural industry, Sabre is proud to offer our cooperative farmers in China and across the world with premium quality corn silage that is guaranteed to meet their nutritional needs as well as their economic demands.

Corn silage is made from whole plant corn that is harvested at a specific stage of maturity and then chopped and preserved through fermentation. This process allows for the preservation of most of the nutritional values of the corn including the carbohydrates, proteins, and fiber, making it an excellent food source for livestock.

The nutritional value of corn silage as a feedstock is well documented by scientific research which shows that it contains higher levels of energy, protein, and minerals compared to other common forages such as hay and grass. For instance, a study by the National Research Council found that on a dry matter basis, corn silage contains 60-70% more energy and three times more digestible protein than hay. Another study by the University of Illinois found that cows fed corn silage have higher milk production rates and better reproductive performance compared to those fed with other forages.

The economic benefits of corn silage also make it an ideal feedstock for livestock. The cost of producing corn silage is relatively lower compared to other forages such as alfalfa and grass, and it is particularly beneficial in areas where cultivating other crops may not be possible due to climate or soil conditions. By providing an alternative feedstock that can be grown, harvested, and preserved on site, livestock farmers can reduce the cost of their feed ration as well as improve the quality of their livestock.

As a leading provider of agricultural products and services, Sabre combines decades of industry expertise and experience to offer a full range of corn silage products that are tailored to meet the nutritional needs of cows, sheep, and other livestock. Our cooperative farmers groups have access to the latest in farm-to-fork technology that can help improve the yield and quality of their corn silage crop, as well as reduce waste and spoilage.

Sabre offers a cost-effective solution to ship our corn silage products around the world, thanks to our vast network of industrial support and logistical networks. Our customers can expect high-quality, premium corn silage delivered to their doorstep, no matter where they are in the world.

In conclusion, corn silage is an excellent feedstock that offers numerous nutritional and economic benefits to the livestock industry. With our decades of experience and expertise, Sabre is proud to offer our cooperative farmers groups in China and across the world with top-quality corn silage products that can help improve the performance of their livestock. Our commitment to providing innovative solutions and services sets us apart, making us the ideal choice for livestock farmers seeking a reliable and cost-effective feedstock supplier.

About Us

Sabre is a cooperative organization that specializes in the mass production, processing, and storage of Corn Silage Feedstock exclusively. Our premium quality range of Corn Silage is distributed worldwide using our extensive logistical network. The use of Corn Silage as a feed source for cattle and sheep has multiple benefits, chiefly increasing productivity, improving animal health, and reducing feeding costs. Corn Silage is recognized for its increased digestibility and nutritional value, making it an ideal feedstock.

Sabre takes pride in being the leading Corn Silage supplier in the APAC region, constituting a capacity of 1,000,000 tons per annum. Our base stock levels include 200,000 tons of whole corn and no corn cob silage feedstock. Moreover, we provide support to countries facing low yield or economic challenges, making us the go-to solution for emergency supplies.

Our team comprises cooperative farms, logistical networks personnel, an international office, an R&D team, an administration department, and a finance department. Our group of directors leads us, and we have headquarters based in Shandong, China, and an executive office situated in Edinburgh, UK. Our global presence enables us to be of service to our partners always and provide support during any challenge.

As the farming adage goes, “Farming is a profession of hope,” and we are steadfast in our commitment to our partners and the farming community in providing premium quality Corn Silage and support to overcome the challenges and emerge stronger. The use of Corn Silage as a feedstock has advantages not just in terms of animal nutrition and productivity but also from an economic standpoint. We endeavor to continue being a reliable and trusted Corn Silage supplier to our partners worldwide.